Haiku Review of 2011, Part 2: The Readers Have a Haiku Orgy:
The Rude Pundit asked you to contribute year-end haiku, and, sweet Japanese Jesus, you responded, with over 100 little poems, with more flowing in. Keep 'em coming. Here's today's first dose of ten rude reader takes on what 2011 events got their juices flowing:

From BAB in Los Angeles:
Maybe Newt Is Onto Something!

A recall would work,
But Scott Walker should also
Wipe down school toilets.

From Rabbitearz in the San Fernando Valley:
Coach Sandusky asked
Santa for soap-on-a-rope.
Lives swirl down the drain.

From John P.:
The Job Creators
Rugged, creative
pillars of capitalism
whine when uncertain!

From Vixen Strangely:
The 99%
Millions fill the streets,
while billions fill their coffers,
still we will be heard.

From Hector R. :
Geithner and cronies
Gambling With Peoples' Money
Piggies In A Trough

From Shelley M.:
Fat, angry white men
make Rush Limbaugh a hero
yet mock gay soldiers

From Mark D.:
Traveling now blows
Chertoff hawks porno scanners
Theater for the dumb

From Carl S.:
Postponing the Inevitable
The debates go on.
Each candidate has his day.
Howdy Doody waits.

From Jim L:
Mission Accomplished!
Osama sleeps with fishes
Somewhere Dubya cries

From Deanna F.:
Rick Perry's jacket,
Fleecy, rough and deeply queer.
Go repression, go.

From Sue M.:
Eleven is done
Twelve can’t get here soon enough
Bye, motherfuckers!

The Future of Business Insurance in Greece

The Future of Business Insurance in Greece

Strengths of the following greek insurance market. "The economic side" Although the official figures of the Greek economy appears to be weak, the real wealth and cash flow in Greece because of '"economy" can not be neglected and unnoticeable. Political corruption is one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of Greeks to make money, tax free. Retail is the second reason. Greek is an IRS tax problems faced by retailers. The number of retail stores compared to the largest population in Europe, in Germany, for example, are stored on a per capita is 50 in Greece is one of the residents is 10 per store.

 The third reason comes from hundreds of thousands of professionals who practice their profession is scientific or technical. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, as well as a plumber and electrician painter g ฟ other workers. Many of these experts in one way or another to make managing their money to raise money for their services without having to sign a receipt that can be taxed. This wealth can be seen everywhere. The restaurants are fully booked most of the night of the week with a peak during the holiday will be observed that it is almost impossible to find a table for Sunday dinner or lunch Stores with expensive cars and travel, make sure that the Greeks do a lot of money and spend a lot of money. In this environment it is hard to believe that 75% of living Greece no longer has any kind of insurance for a house fire or earthquake. Like hundreds of thousands of stores. Similarly, life insurance is not in Greece, regardless of the fact that insurance companies operating in Greece for over 40 years! Average size of the current policies in force in Greece is less than 5,000 € It is estimated that the research done by Morax corporate training and training administration also publishes a monthly "Marketing Science" magazine, which shows that more than 500,000 Greek family can afford to pay anywhere from € 2,000 in order. Turn the € 5.000 € 100,000 a year for a policy that are profitable, well-known, but the company has always sought to take advantage of this market in an organized manner.

 Marketing of life insurance and accident, not in Greece, regardless of the status of the five national insurance companies. They are all based on a system of units sold almost exclusively to medical plans and pension plans to their individual unit linked products and freelance brokers do more than car insurance. In short, wealth is here and so are the demands of life and damage. Who decided to explore the possibility of Greece, Morax willing to verify the specific information. Almost all companies that suffer from medical plans and the cost is very low prize. The political advantage of being dispersed among the Greeks, most of the wealth created by the voters of both major political parties to vote in favor of them, one by one, family by family. Once they are in government with all kinds of people "special rights"! These are the voters, nearly 75% Considering the 500,000 families that are the bread winner as a professional with his service fee and the daily wage of a few hundred dollars, is "not normal" strange as it sounds, and the corruption of political management. to spread the wealth of Greece is more powerful than any other Those of the government make millions more secure. But make sure that other people are happy ... ... Want an example? A second-line managers in large state-controlled insurance companies have accepted early retirement to 50 years for ... € to 3500 € 1000000 trend on salaries and pensions! W and K and n - s s and -. State regulatory agencies can not work because of corruption in politics. The current government is more likely to lead the industry in order to continue, foreign insurance companies operating in Greece are wondering what will soon be improved. It 'interesting to note that the new regulatory body (Epeus), established under the apparently more effective control in insurance companies, largely funded by a consortium of insurance companies ... and will be They named him as an independent body.

The government is not "nail" the company. Only a small company that was set as the mean and a private company that does not have a "powerful friends"! Lack of supervision of the State over the past 40 years has allowed a number  of large operators. (Private and state-owned) companies to manage their motivation clear. misrepresent. Back and a lot of channeling funds to the richness of their staff, hundreds of companies from the coast were set up around the world in which is recorded in cash, and it is up to correct some of his own. State property for hundreds of millions of euros over 30 years, was dismissed from what had been disclosed to the public. The same is happening to individuals to buy property in the area that is about their legitimacy, it is difficult to establish. With the update of the value of a hundred or a thousand times, they are offering free property, especially real property is a legal reserve,  Agencies to accept declaration of an insurance company There is a special law to allow insurers to invest their reserves in subsidiaries that are not listed
A Haiku Review of 2011, Part 1: The Candidates:

One Slimy Beast Too Many
More ethics can be
Found in the eye of a newt
Than in all of Newt

A Very Bachmann Moment

Michele ate a fair
Corn dog wide-mouthed. Envious
Marcus wept loudly.

Don't Work Yourself Into a Froth
Santorum rising
Is just inevitable.
Physics works that way.

Do not tell Romney
That he’s changed his mind. He has
A dog cage for you.

The Third Person
Herman Cain said that
Herman Cain was different.
Cain’s penis was not.

If Rick Perry was
Lawrence Welk, the poor band would
Never have started.

Front Runner

Oh, woe to Ron Paul,
Crazy as a shithouse rat,
But, man, I love pot.

(Submit your own 2011-lovin' haiku to "". Best to be published starting tomorrow.)
Later Today: The Rude Pundit Will Haiku You:
And, holy shit, you're a bunch of haiku writing motherfuckers. Over fifty received so far. Keep 'em coming.

insurance home inspection

insurance home inspection

What would be the perfect backdrop? Ideally, a combination of experience in the construction, education, training, recognized the shortcomings and working on the field to provide the necessary background.

 The more professional, ideally looking for candidates from the relevant trade or professional occupations. The people realize that a combination of education, formal and direct experience in the field, the best career for reasons that are not limited to certification of professional engineers and licensed to the recipient. for granted. But a combination of both types of basic operators of production, the best known. University-level of formal education may include engineering, architecture and construction management a plus. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential in this business. You can be the best technicians in the world. But if you can not communicate effectively, you will receive a small service to your customers. Examined in the future should have a strong technical background to begin with, before you consider a professional home inspection, or career change. They have good skills and good communication is necessary. (Verbally and in writing), as they are required to report on and describe the results of their research to their clients properly. Home monitoring should also be aware of current health and safety issues and be trained in "perceived deficiencies" areas that are very specific and critical to this work. They must also acquire knowledge through the field. Many people tend to train or in the shade with a "professional expert" before their practical experience is often difficult to obtain and often not covered or provided by a training course, a lot. There is no substitute for hands-on experience in the practice of the profession is. 


 These provincial associations, while independence is generally carried out under the auspices of the Canadian Association of Home Inspectors (CAHI - also known as CaHPO - Canadian Association of the house and inspect the property) and they have created. the "standard practice" and "ethical code" for them. Which is standard for the industry. Associations to their members to upgrade to meet the continuing education to ensure that they are aware of the current problem in the industry. These associations are the professionals who have met all their properties. To be nominated a candidate must receive a number of features of "credits" that will make the study of field experience, the minimum number of checks for payment and a written report, which is straight. standards of practice of the  'Association.
Chaos ... in order to verify the control or not. Canada continues to be monitored at home as a whole, and all people of every background can basically "hang out a shingle" as a home inspector. Many experts and training to ensure that there is hope for the intervention of governments, national standards of practice and self-control in order to alleviate this problem in the near future. Often these decisions are not well trained by the "who" made sure that the financial impact on consumers. When this happens, consumers will have little or no recourse left to compensate for the loss of them. This is how a person can often give a bad name. In Canada, a provincial association that has trained many professional experiences, often with the construction engineering, architecture or related products. These individuals have received special training and testing to verify that the "perceived deficiencies" They also have expertise in various health and safety issues. There is also a requirement for the successful application of the field and in practice
An Invitation to Haiku Yourself and a Bit o' Joy:
Oh, it's that time, it's that time, it's that time again. The Rude Pundit rings out the old on a few words. Starting tomorrow, he'll be posting his annual end o' the year haiku retrospective. And he invites readers to send in their own trio of lines (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables - the Rude Pundit likes his forms, motherfuckers). For instance, longtime rude reader and haiku contributor Mona P. got a jump on the festivities by sending in this one (even if she cheated on the last line):

2011 Countdown To Oblivion
Blackbirds plummeting
Arab spring when tyrants fell
Occupators fill streets

Send your own to "" Titles are not required. Neither are pants. The Rude Pundit will publish the best ones or the ones that tickle him in bad places on Friday and, if there's a-plenty, Monday.

And because life is not politics alone...

A Few Things That Brought the Rude Pundit Joy in This Wearying Year in This Ragged Nation
1. Two musical moments: Elvis Costello tearing the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey apart with a savage version of "I Want You." Over ten minutes of snarling singing and face-melting guitar work that was exhausting and exhilarating. And, at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee in the intense heat of Sunday at noon, hearing The Head and the Heart perform their song "Rivers and Roads" was pure, unbathed hippie bliss.

2. Two museum moments: The Experience Music Project in Seattle is the museum that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be if it stopped trying to be a grown-up. And the Nirvana exhibit was actually, really interesting. At the Brooklyn Museum, the Norman Rockwell show was revelatory in an unexpected way: it showed how artificial his works were, in a way that you always knew, but really wanted them not to be. Just like America.

3. Two movies: Martin Scorsese's Hugo, which the Rude Pundit despised until, about two-thirds of the way through, during the George Melies sequence he realized he loved it. And the animated flick Rango, which was a deeply-weird, subversive drug dream masked as a kid's movie.

4. Two theatre moments (both on Broadway): The mythic end of the viscerally exciting play Jerusalem, where you realize that, sometimes, even liars are telling the truth. And, even though you're sick of hearing about it, The Book of Mormon, which was so funny and so twisted and so stupefyingly sweet (even with jokes about baby-fucking and having AIDS) that it actually helped the Rude Pundit feel better in the wake of a personal tragedy.

5. One TV moment: Yeah, yeah, The Walking Dead was too fucking talky and not enough zombie-killy this season so far. But when zombie Sophie walked out of that barn, it was a nut-kick that you rarely get on television. Hope, it seems, was for suckers.

Type of Life Insurance Products

Type of Life Insurance Products

Human lives are at risk of death and disability due to natural causes and accidents. When you lose lives or disabled persons who have temporary or permanent loss of income to the family. The family is at the origin of the difficulties. Sometimes it's survival is at stake for their dependents. Risk, uncertainty, death / disability can occur when you least expect it. An individual can protect himself or herself through the lives of those obligations.

 Life insurance is an insurance man. Even if human life is not worth funding may be required depending on the loss of revenue in recent years in the future. Therefore, the amount of insurance on the life assured. (Or the guaranteed sum to be paid in case of losing it), is through the 'performance' in case of life insurance. Life insurance products, providing the exact amount of money to the dependents of the insured if the insured dies during the period of life that his work will be credited to the account on or off. The incident led to the reduction / complete loss of his earning a profit.

Each can also protect the life of him when he ended up being no other means of income - to buy an annuity.
There are a number of life insurance products that offer twice the protection and savings.
Long-term insurance products for a fixed amount of money on death during the term of the contract.

Whole life insurance products offer a fixed amount of money on it.
Insurance products are donated to a fixed amount of money, or death during the term of the contract or expiration of the contract, if the life assured survives.

 Insurance products for an amount that would not only. But that is due on the date specified in the contract period. The entire amount is expected to die during the term of the contract.

Annuities with a series of monthly payments on the trust that life has existed on the date specified.The products are not only linked to. However, a fixed sum of money to death. The amount of money that has been linked with a fundamental value of the assets in need.

 There are rural people, actors, movies and unorganized workers; There are a variety of insurance products to meet the needs of different types of children, youth, middle-aged woman to older ones.Life insurance can be purchased by insurance companies registered with IRDA notified the insurer to appoint insurance agents to sell their products. Public who are interested in buying life insurance should be introduced as an insurance agent / insurance company may choose to make the right product to meet the financial needs in particular.Thus, life insurance policies offer protection and security to families and give pleasure to local communities
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