A Filthy End to the Filthy Campaign of a Filthy Liar:
This election has lasted roughly four years, from the moment it became clear that Barack Obama was going to use John McCain as a dildo to roughly fuck Sarah Palin and take the presidency for the briefly empowered forces of sanity. The cruel pummeling of ads and coverage and rallies and debates that the nation has endured, especially since the end of the midterms in 2010 and especially in swing states, ought to be banned under some treaty or other. Now, here in the Eastern United States, however sick we may have thought we were of the 2012 presidential campaign, we just want the goddamned thing over with.

The Rude Pundit winces, in a Pavlovian way, whenever he sees news about Mitt Romney's fake concern for storm sufferers. He twitches at the commentators wondering when Obama will head back onto the trail. We have no time for it anymore. We have no time to entertain whether or not the Republican charlatan's long con will work. We have no patience for a press that's unwilling to call a lie a "lie" unless it's done in quotation marks or with fact-checkers' long-nosed Pinocchios with their pants on fire.

On some level, it seems as if the campaign of Mitt Romney is a mad sociologist's experiment in seeing how many lies people are willing to either believe or let pass and still vote for a candidate. The Rude Pundit wouldn't be surprised if on next Wednesday morning, Romney was revealed to be the robot we all suspected he was and the scientist controlling the levers and buttons gave a press conference where he said that he was using the machine to try to gauge just how racist and stupid the nation actually is.

"People call me 'mad,'" the no-doubt crazy-haired sociologist would say. "But I programmed the Romney 5000 to say, with a straight face, things that objective truth demonstrated otherwise. And nearly half of you didn't care. So ask yourself: Are you racist? Stupid? Or both? Because my research shows that there are no other options, even for you rich people." Of course, he'd have to disable the robot because it had been set on self-destruct all along and nothing happened.

Look, the Rude Pundit is used to lying Republicans, especially ones running for President. We went through two campaigns with George W. Bush, and that bastard wouldn't have told a truth to Americans if Facts and Reality had held a knife to his nuts and screamed at him to tell the world he believed in them.

But there is something so deeply galling, so disturbing in how Romney lies. The post-primary campaign began on a lie, that Obama was dissing "job creators," and it now ends with a lie, that those "job creators" are moving their jobs to China because Obama failed them, a lie so ludicrous that the CEO of Chrysler has had to refute it. In between, Romney has unleashed a stream of lies, each one easily proven false, but he has been relentless and, c'mon, there's only so many hours in a day. The lies about the President and his policies are of a piece with Romney's lies about himself.

See, we use the cute phrase "flip-flop" to describe Romney's change in positions. But they're not mere shifts in position. They're lies that get to the core of the man's beliefs, such as they aren't. And we could ask if Romney was lying in the past, when he was very moderate, then intensely conservative, or now, when he's somewhat more moderate again. But, except for abortion, Romney refuses to admit that he's changed his position. That's the big lie, the one he has gotten away with more than any other, the one that's winked at as if "That's just Mitt." It's not that Mitt Romney has terrible policies. It's that he's a terrible human being.

The Rude Pundit had intended to write this on Monday. He had intended to make this a series of questions posed to some mythical rational Romney voter, as in, "How would you feel about a Democrat who ran an ad saying something was factually wrong after being told it was factually wrong?" But if that kind of logic was going to work, it would have by this point. So fuck 'em. Write those assholes off. Their faith in lies is what wrecked us in the first eight years of this terrible century. And this storm is the final nail in Romney's coffin, the sealing of which was a long time coming. President Obama didn't fuck up the response to Sandy, as Romney might have hoped. He made Romney seem like the tiny, insignificant rich dick he is. And even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided he's sick of the effete poseur and tossed Romney under the number 2016 bus.

Right now, the Rude Pundit's power might not be back until the end of the day, Monday, November 5. If that happens, that means that he'll be spending Election Day cleaning out the refrigerator. Oh, he'll vote, even if he has to scrawl an X on a ballot, even if he's in a state that is deep in Obama's tank. Because liars shouldn't be rewarded.

He'll head into the filth left behind in some of the worst-hit areas to help get rid of the mud and muck, wreckage that's far worse than it should have been because Republicans have blocked anything to do with climate change and infrastructure improvement. Like the President, he'll try his best to clean up their mess. It's what we Democrats are damned to do.
A Brief Note on Climate Change in the Wake of the Storm:
All over the mighty internets, people are tapping away, asking the question, as The New Yorker does, "Is climate change responsible for Hurricane Sandy?" With no scientific, meteorological, or climatological experience beyond "I read some shit," let the Rude Pundit answer: "Fuck yes." Or, more precisely, "How the fuck is that even a question for anyone who hasn't been rendered stupider than a tenth generation dalmatian by watching Fox 'news' or been reading brain-mallet websites like Newsmax or been ear-raped by Rush Limbaugh?"

While Washington drags its feet like the tendons have been cut, everywhere else, people are behaving as if they'd come to the conclusion, "Well, hell, this is the new climate." The Rude Pundit has written on how the New York City MTA had already begun to deal with rising sea levels, and that was before last night's disaster flick flooding of the subways.

Being interviewed this morning on 1010WINS, the NYC all-news station, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that it's time for the state and federal governments to come up with a plan for New York that deals with how climate change has affected the state's weather. "We've had two hundred-year storms in two years," Cuomo said, referring to Irene and Sandy. This is normal now. Cuomo wants to explore building a levee for Manhattan.

Remember your evolution, people. When the mutations take the place of what exists, the mutation becomes the species and is no longer considered a mutation. The same goes for weather and storms we used to refer to as "freak." We're not just talking recent hurricane magnet New York/New Jersey. We're talking the whole damn country, the whole damn world.

The fact that the subject has been absent from the presidential campaign is shameful and a slap against all the victims, from the fires on the West Coast to the drought in the middle to the floods right here, right now.
A Quick Tale of Right Wing Ignorance Before the Storm Arrives:
The Rude Pundit, well stocked with enough vodka, sausage, and condoms to last a Siberian winter, is awaiting the bad part of Sandy, the not-at-all-related-to-climate-change-late-October-hurricane-for-fuck's-sake. He doesn't know when he will lose internet or power, so he'll just tell a quick story from this past weekend and save the vaguely articulate arguments for another day.

In a cozy bar in Morningside Heights in New York City on Friday night, the Rude Pundit sat across from the Elderly Southern Belle, who is white and in her 60s. The Elderly Southern Belle had already entertained the group by saying that she wasn't racist just before launching into her version of Black Person's Voice, which sounded like a toothless ghetto whore out of a 1970s TV cop show. The Elderly Southern Belle's own accent could best be described as "somewhere between Deliverance and Mama's Family." So doing another kind of accent to demonstrate that race's ignorance was a little like a rat acting like a pigeon to show what disease-carrying vermin are like.

The ESB started in about politics, the Rude Pundit having vowed that he would avoid the topic in order to keep the evening peaceful. The ESB talked about how bad she felt President Barack Obama had been for business in the nation. The Rude Pundit stayed silent. She talked about how Medicare could only be saved by a Romney presidency. The Rude Pundit stayed silent. She said to the Rude Pundit, "I hope you don't ever want to retire because that money ain't gonna be there." The Rude Pundit could remain silent no more.

"My retirement funds are doing great because the stock market is doing great under Obama," he said.

The ESB said, "Well, they're not gonna if Obama is reelected."

"No," the Rude Pundit said. "When Barack Obama took office, the Dow Jones was down to around 6500. It's now over 13,000. That's a fact."

She stared at him and said, "Well, that's because--"

"No 'That's because--,'" he cut her off. "It's a fact, it's indisputable, it happened, under Obama. Can you say it didn't happen?"

She was silent for a moment. Finally she offered, "It went down when he first came to office--"

"For a couple of weeks. And then some of his policies came into place, like the stimulus, and it turned around."

She tried one more time, saying, "Sure, but--"

"No 'but.' No nothing." The Rude Pundit had had enough. "This is a number. It's a fact. It's not an opinion. It's not open to interpretation. It was one number and now it's another number that's twice as high. Under Obama. Argument over."

She gave up and moved on to health insurance. That's a story for another time that involves the Rude Pundit saying at one point, "Fuck those doctors who quit."

This is what Democrats are up against. It can't be said enough: facts don't matter to Republican voters. Numbers are all lies. And, as we saw in that Chrysler's-sending-jobs-to-China ad this weekend from the Romney campaign, reality has no place in the rhetoric of the right.

The truly sad part is how many people, like the ESB, will always believe the lies that confirm their prejudices rather than the truth that challenges them.

What to look for in a insurance shop

The first thing you need to do when selecting your retail shop insurance is to assess what aspects of an insurance policy your business will require. Choosing the most appropriate insurance policy for your needs is essential for a number of reasons, and the wrong coverage can cause your business a great number of problems in the undesirable event of requiring a payout. You may find it easier to hire an insurance agent, who will guide you through the array of information available. However, insurance agents need to receive their compensation, which means they are not likely to be able to offer your business the most competitive prices out there. It is up to you to choose whether the saving of time, or the saving of money, is most efficient and beneficial to your business.
So what should your shop insurance cover?

 If you are looking for retail shop insurance there are particular items on the agenda that require inclusive protection. The first and perhaps most obvious item, is building and contents cover. This will not only protect you in the event of theft of money, stock, or equipment, but also from the threat of flooding, fire, and storm damage or other natural disaster. This is usually included as part of any insurance policy, but always check to ensure the extent of coverage available to you.

Another very important section in your shop insurance policy is that of liability. Liability can be divided into two sections: public liability and employer's liability. Again, when you are looking at retail shop insurance, you need to have coverage for both of these items. Let's look a little more closely at each of them.

Public liability insurance is the coverage provided in the event of a personal injury claim of a third party whilst on your property. Say, for example, a careless employee has mopped up a spillage but forgotten to leave the 'Caution: Wet Floor' cone somewhere easily visible. A browsing customer slips on the slick floor surface and breaks her arm. She now has a case against you to claim financial reward for her injury. If you do not have public liability insurance, your business needs to front the cost of her claim. Some insurance providers will also offer legal assistance; as an uninsured, this would also be a higher financial responsibility to your business. This is adding up to a significant dent in your profit, particularly for smaller businesses, and especially in the event that said customer could then bad-mouth your store, damaging your reputation.

We can use the same example for one of your employees being injured while at work. Employer's liability insurance will protect your business against a claim of negligence should it be an employee falling and injuring themselves. Another key area where employer's liability insurance is important is in circumstances whereby employees must use machinery or other equipment to perform tasks for your business. If a piece of equipment is faulty and its use results in personal injury, the business is liable. Your insurance policy will cover your business against this claim.

The last element of coverage your business will require is that of 'business interruption'. This clause is required to cover the possibility of a wide range of events, including, but not limited to, electrical failure, flooding, fire, gas leak, or other occurrence that will result in a loss of profit because the business is temporarily inoperable. Often, this will also cover loss of income due to loss or damage of goods in transit.

A comprehensive retail shop insurance policy will assist your business in staying in operation should the worst happen. In particular, small businesses cannot afford the loss of income or additional expenses that can arise due to a variety of potential events. Your insurance coverage is there to protect your business. You'll often find the best deals for shop insurance or public house insurance are available if you go online.

American International Assurance

American International Assurance known as AIA (Chinese: 美國友邦保險) is an insurance company based in Hong Kong. It has offices in Asia-Pacific region including Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Macau, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam. Holdings include Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company and minority stakes in TATA AIA Life Insurance and TATA AIG General Insurance.

It was a member of American International Group, but separated from the group in 2009 after it was finalized that AIA as well as ALICO (another AIG subsidiary) were placed under the administration of a Special Purpose Vehicle in exchange for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

According to the statistics from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (保險業監理處), AIA being the number 1 of Hong Kong insurance company in terms of the number of policies, its market share in Hong Kong Insurance market (on Non-Linked Individual Business) is 26% and sum assured worth more than 400 billion HKD (i.e. more than $ 50 billion).

AIA was planned to be listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in April 2010. However, in March 2010, Prudential plc, a United Kingdom-based financial services company, announced that it will buy AIA for $35.5 billion.[4] The purchased later fell through, and AIA held an IPO later in October 2010 raising $20.51 billion, the third largest ever IPO

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA)

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is a federation of 38 separate health insurance organizations and companies in the United States. Combined, they directly or indirectly provide health insurance to over 99 million Americans. The history of Blue Cross dates back to 1929, while the history of Blue Shield dates to 1939. The Blue Cross Association dates back to 1960, while its Blue Shield counterpart was actually created in 1948. The two organizations merged in 1982, forming the current association.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield developed separately, with Blue Cross plans providing coverage for hospital services, while Blue Shield covered physicians' services.

Blue Cross is a name used by an association of health insurance plans throughout the United States. Its predecessor was developed by Justin Ford Kimball in 1929, while he was vice-president of Baylor University's health care facilities in Dallas, Texas. The first plan guaranteed teachers 21 days of hospital care for $6 a year, and was later extended to other employee groups in Dallas, and then nationally. The American Hospital Association (AHA) adopted the Blue Cross symbol in 1939 as the emblem for plans meeting certain standards. In 1960 the AHA commission was superseded by the Blue Cross Association. Affiliation with the AHA was severed in 1972.

The Blue Shield concept was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by employers in lumber and mining camps of the Pacific Northwest to provide medical care by paying monthly fees to medical service bureaus composed of groups of physicians. The first official Blue Shield Plan was founded in California in 1939. In 1948 the symbol was informally adopted by nine plans called the Associated Medical Care Plan, and was later renamed the National Association of Blue Shield Plans.

In 1982 Blue Shield merged with The Blue Cross Association to form the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Prior to the Tax Reform Act of 1986, organizations administering Blue Cross Blue Shield were tax exempt under 501(c) as social welfare plans. However, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 revoked that exemption because the plans sold commercial-type insurance. They became 501(m) organizations, subject to federal taxation but entitled to "special tax benefits" under IRC 833. In 1994, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association changed to allow its licensees to be for-profit corporations. Some plans[specify] are still considered not-for-profit at the state level.


Assurant, Inc. is a holding company with businesses that provide a diverse set of specialty, niche-market insurance products in the property, casualty, life and health insurance sectors. The company’s four operating segments are Assurant Employee Benefits, Assurant Health, Assurant Solutions and Assurant Specialty Property.

The company, formerly known as Fortis, Inc., was spun off from Dutch and Belgian financial-services company Fortis Insurance N.V. in 2004. The company’s initial public offering on Feb. 5, 2004 at $1.76 billion was the fourth largest that year. In connection with the public offering, the company changed its name to Assurant, Inc.

Headquartered in New York City, Assurant is 285 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States. It also is included in the Ward’s 50, which recognizes the top property-casualty insurance companies domiciled in the United States.


Assurant recently celebrated its 120th anniversary, tracing its roots back to founding of the La Crosse Mutual Aid Association, which was established to sell disability insurance in Wisconsin in the early 1890s. La Crosse Mutual Aid Association would later become the Time Insurance Company. In 1978, N.V. AMEV of the Netherlands acquired the Time Insurance Company (now Assurant Health) via its U.S. holding company AMEV Holdings, Inc. During the next 12 years, AMEV Holdings, Inc. would expand through acquisition, buying American Security Insurance (credit-related insurance); United Family (funeral insurance); Western Insurance Company (mutual funds); and Superior Insurance (auto insurance). In 1990, N.V. AMEV of the Netherlands acquired VSB Groep NV bank to become the Netherlands first financial conglomerate combining an insurer and a bank, creating Fortis. AMEV Holdings, Inc. was rebranded Fortis, Inc. in 1991. The business was subsequently renamed as Assurant and spun off from the parent company. 

Products and Services

In March 2010, Assurant Solutions and IBM unveiled a Real-Time Analytics Matching Platform (RAMP) to improve call center performance. RAMP is an application that works by analyzing historical data about the individual caller and the skill set of customer service representatives to optimize the routing of the call. As calls come in they are assigned to a customer service representative based on their expertise and past performance, improving customer response and retention rates.

In May 2012, Assurant launched solar project insurance for developers of mid-size (100 kW to 3 MW) solar projects.


Amerigroup (NYSE: AGP) is an American managed care company, with two main goals: to meet the needs of Amerigroup members while keeping costs low. Amerigroup has more than 2.7 million members, and currently operates in 13 states nationwide including Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York State, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Texas, and Virginia and expects operations to its 14th state, Kansas, as a result of a previously awarded state contract. It is a Fortune 500 company.

Amerigroup began as AMERICAID Community Care in 1994 and was initially aimed at the health care problems of children, mothers and pregnant women enrolled in Medicaid. Amerigroup became a publicly traded corporation in the fall of 2001. Today, Amerigroup serves more than 2.7 million members including Supplemental Security Income recipients, seniors and people with disabilities, many with complex physical and psychological illnesses. In 2006, Amerigroup entered the Medicare Advantage program, serving low-income people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid through special needs plans. In 2007, Amerigroup began the operation of traditional Medicare Advantage plans. Currently, Amerigroup offers health care services through three government programs that target different segments of the country’s low-income population: Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicare

Health Care Products :
  •  Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  •  Seniors and People with Disabilities (S/PD)
  •  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  •  Family Care
  •  Medicare Advantage
Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Drink Ink With a Yink:

We can probably figure out Ann Romney's favorite part of Dr. Seuss's One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish:

"The moon was out and we saw some sheep.
We saw some sheep take a walk in their sleep.
By the light of the moon, by the light of a star;
They walked all night from near to far.
I would never walk. I would take a car."

Her husband's?

"Hop, hop, hop! I am a Yop
All I like to do is hop,
From finger top to finger top.
I hop from left to right and then...
Hop, hop! I hop right back again.
I like to hop all day and night.
From right to left and left to right."

5 Things to Consider About Health Insurance

View of the current hospital as more and more congested. Therefore, various diseases come and go which makes people even more vulnerable to attack. Ranging from mild such as a runny nose or cough, to very risky as cancer, as more and more familiar with our society.

Therefore, the portion of medical and health care should be a priority now. Therefore, if at any time sick, sometimes the cost is not small. Moreover, if it had to do surgery or medical treatment due to a variety of dangerous diseases.

Therefore, the health insurance needs to be considered. Because, at the time of the emergency, health insurance will be the solution in terms of financing and hospital care.

However, there are some things to consider before choosing a health insurance. Here are some things that need to be understood more ..

1. Consider the track record of the insurance companies that offer health insurance. It is important to know how condition of the company, professional firms, and its services over the years. The more bona fide and good history of the companyusually the better the various types of insurance offered.

2. Learn and find out more about how the insurance company's network to hospitals there. Primarily, the      pain is all around us and the hospital has facilities for serving a wide range of diseases.

3. Know what kind of health care that are covered by insurance. For example, if a critical illness cover as    heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Then, if also serves hospitalization and / or treatment of the road. Also, get also related information about the claim payment. By knowing this, we would be more assured when choosing insurance.

4. Understand all the written agreement of the policy, especially that we receive. For example, what classes will be given to uswhen to begin the coverage period, and various other things that will bind us when choosing insurance. Do not hesitate ask the people who know if you do not know what is in one grain agreement. Including, for example, whether the money could be paid if in some period of time does not occur claim.

5. Health insurance is one solution. But, the real key solution is to stay fit. Therefore, The best step is to keep in shape and trying to distance themselves from a variety of sources of disease.
Note to Richard Mourdock: Your God's an Asshole:
Let's just follow the bouncing ball of illogic, not just of the "gaffe" (if by "gaffe," you mean, "saying exactly what one believes") in what Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock of Indiana said, but also his subsequent statements, which are a reflection of the anti-abortion movement at large. Mourdock said, "I know there are some who disagree and I respect their point of view but I believe that life begins at conception. The only exception I have for – to have an abortion is in that case for the life of the mother. I just – I struggle with it myself for a long time but I came to realize that life is that gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended to happen."

Parse that out for a moment or two. For Mourdock, "life" or, you know, "pregnancy" is a "gift from God," but if that gift, which is from, as mentioned, God, might harm the mother, it can be returned or aborted. You'd think that God, being, well, shit, God would know better than to gift a woman who might die from childbirth or pregnancy. But, wait. If God gave this gift, then didn't God intend for the child to be born and the woman to die? And if you believe, as Mourdock just said he does, that a woman can get an abortion if her life is at stake, is not Mourdock for undoing the will of God?

To his credit (no, really), Dick Mourdock didn't back down from his beliefs and apologize, like Mitt Romney eventually did from his 47% speech. Nope, he just doubled down. He issued a statement: "God creates life, and that was my point. God does not want rape, and by no means was I suggesting that he does. Rape is a horrible thing, and for anyone to twist my words otherwise is absurd and sick." Quick piece of advice to politicians: if at any point, you need to assert that rape is bad, you have fucked up, whether you wanna admit it or not.

Again, let's do a thought experiment: If your god has the capability of making the rape sperm invade the egg and create a zygote, then that god is probably capable of, say, giving the rapist the flu so he stays home and eats soup rather than rapes a woman. Or your god should be able to shove him out of a window in a tall building. Either way, your god would be a good guy, a mensch, and a woman would not get brutalized. (Note: insert your own snarky line about "forcible rape" here.) But if what you're saying is that your god decided to go ahead and let the woman get raped and beaten and psychologically damaged because he has this plan for her to get knocked up, then your god is an asshole. You wanna worship an asshole?

The ideologically inconsistent icing on this cake of religion and politics and the well-being of women? If that pregnant rape victim's life is in danger, then, according to Mourdock, she should be able to abort the fetus, God's rape gift be damned. If you point this out to Mourdock or any of the Jesus's wound-lickers of the evangelical right, they would say that we cannot know the ways of God or that everything is part of God's plan or some such shit. And then you might say that if we cannot know God's ways, then how do they know that the rape baby is a gift. And then they'll just give you that look that says they think you're crazy, and it just makes you wanna kick 'em in the taint. Hard.

The amazing part here is the number of conservatives who have said they stand with Mourdock, probably having used up all their outrage on Todd "Avenging Vaginas" Akin. An unsigned editorial in the National Review (motto: "A chronicle of the degradation of conservatism from intellectual Buckleyism to self-fellating Steynosity") says that while Mourdock may have expressed himself "clumsily," his "position is, however, more than defensible, and it follows logically from very widely shared pro-life premises." Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin does her usual schtick of trying hard to be loved, attacking the attackers. And Mourdock's website lists others who have come out in support of the Republican's hardline stance (which will not be linked to here because fuck that guy).

By the way, Mourdock's Democratic opponent, Joe Donnelly, is a big time Blue Dog who opposes abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, and the mother's life. He's being attacked by anti-abortion groups and children of rape victims, who should be told that no one is saying that abortion should be forced on rape victims who get pregnant, just that the choice should be there, as it should be for all women.

We used to consider Donnelly's position pretty radical. Now, we've reached a point where Indiana will be lucky if it gets the guy who doesn't want to make rape victims get back alley abortions or carry unwanted pregnancies to term. 
Any Lead Romney Has Is Because White People Are Comfortable Again With Their Racism:
Drunk on good beer and stuffed with shitty bangers at an EPCOT-worthy fake Irish pub in deepest, suburbanest New Jersey this past weekend, one of the people at the Rude Pundit's table decided to start talking politics. "I talk to people, union guys, who say they're not going to vote for Obama," the man said, asserting that while he wasn't necessarily an Obama voter, he found this odd. Or, more precisely, "It's fucked up. I tell them, 'Look, you should be voting for him. Obama has done more for unions than any president since FDR.'" It was a major overstatement, but there was much beer involved, with Irish coffees on the way, so one can let such things slide. "For instance, you know Scott, right? He's a cop, in the union. When I asked him, he just said, 'Oh, Obama's the worst. I can't vote for him.' That makes no sense for someone like him."

The answer was obvious, of course, and the Rude Pundit stated it: "It's because they're racist."

"No, no," he insisted. "They're not. They'd have said the same thing about Clinton. Well, Clinton back before he was president." Ah, the hedge. Always look for the hedge.

"Sorry, man," the Rude Pundit said. "But it's because they're racist. Scott is racist. There is no other reason."

The virtual disappearance of the race factor from mainstream media coverage of this election belies the obvious stench of it floating just below the surface. There's a large number of whites in this nation who voted for Obama last time, drawn in by the high of being part of a movement, who are relieved that Obama hasn't been too great a president so that they have an excuse to not vote again for the black guy. Resurgent racist impulses don't get polled, but shifts in voting trends in states like North Carolina have to have some reason other than Romney's charm and grasp of the issues and desire to do exactly what George W. Bush did to the economy.

What's the evidence of this? Let's get into implications rather than demographics. There's no need to go through the litany of what Obama has accomplished (you know it: ending the Iraq war, saving the economy, that shit). Instead, ask yourself, dear, dear doubtful reader, and ask it honestly: Why would anyone who isn't rich and greedy vote for Mitt Romney?

As The Daily Show, among many others, pointed out, at the final debate (aka "The Debate That Didn't Matter Because Romney Had His Ass Handed to Him on a Paper Plate"), Romney blatantly contradicted virtually every position he had held on foreign policy, and he did so in a way that had him agreeing with Obama on nearly everything the current administration has done, despite beating his chest for months prior to that debate. Now, say what you want about the importance of the economy and jobs, but a big part of what a president does is dealing with other nations and Commander-in-Chief type of shit. If you take that out of the equation, then what's left is hoping Congress will work with you on the domestic front.

When we get to the domestic front, we're talking about just a couple of differences beyond social issues (so calm down, rabid anti-abortion nuts who wouldn't have voted for Obama anyways): repeal of Obamacare and the small hike in the tax rate for income over $250,000. There's a few other tax issues, but these are the ones that affects the vast majority of Americans. In other words, Obama did or wants to do more or less what he campaigned on the first time. When it comes to Romney, the only thing that he seems to have a clear, consistent opinion on is tax cuts, especially cutting corporate and capital gains taxes (aka "Those Things That Will Make Me Richer").

This ain't about people who voted for McCain who now support Romney. It ain't about Americans who aren't voting for Obama who have a principled disagreement over Obama's use of drones to execute people without charge or trial, as well as his extension of Bush's surveillance program. This is specifically about Obama voters who have turned to Romney. How could you do so?

For, truly, is Mitt Romney a man you could see yourself entrusting the nation to for any reason other than he looks white and successful? Has he really convinced you that Obama doing most of what he said he was going to do when you voted for him before is that much of a threat that you'd shift your vote to the shifty candidate? C'mon. There's no logic there. You just can't bring yourself to vote for the black man again. You tried it. It didn't magically change the world, so now you can comfort yourself by giving into your prejudices.

Either that or you just really hate gays.
Random Observations on Last Night's "Foreign Policy" Debate:
1. When the Rude Pundit arrived home last night, he parked across the street from his joint, with the bumper a couple of inches past the white line that indicated a driveway for the house. He wasn't happy to leave it like that, but parking sucks around the neighborhood and it was late and the driveway still had plenty of room for the car that was parked there to back out. This morning, he went out to his car and saw a note on his windshield, a full page written with a Sharpie. Preparing to suck up the insults and admit he was wrong, the Rude Pundit grabbed it and read how he had crossed that line. But then it went on: "I work for the state police...I could have your car towed. I have had 15 cars towed just this week." Well, that just makes you a dick, thought the Rude Pundit. It went on like that and also said, "I could not get my car out."

The Rude Pundit looked in the driveway. The car was gone. In fact, the gate to the driveway was open wide. Factually, through the power of observation, one could demonstrate that the letter contained at least one lie. Then he thought about it. He had never seen a car towed on his block ever. Surely, 15 in a week would be noticeable. Then he thought some more. He's lived across the street from this guy for about five years. He's never seen anything that would indicate that he's a cop. Besides, surely, in this neighborhood, if one "works" for the police, it probably means one is an informant.

It made no sense. Why bother saying these things in the letter if the main point was that people shouldn't park their cars even a couple of inches across the line that was painted near his driveway? Is that not wrong enough? Why did he have to create some fiction in order for the situation to seem worse and for him to seem tougher?

Then the Rude Pundit glanced at the house and noticed the sign in the window: "Romney/Ryan." Ah, of course. If one has very little to say, then all one can do is make up things that, whether they make sense or not, sound like things that make you a badass.

That's pretty much all one needs to say about Mitt Romney in last night's debate with Barack Obama.

2. Oh, fuck Israel. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, fuck Israel. If you knew nothing about foreign policy, like, shit, most Americans and, obviously, Mitt Romney, you'd think that that Israel's security is the only thing preventing the United States from sinking into the ocean. For the U.S., you know what's more important than Israel? India. You know what didn't get mentioned last night? India. You know what's more important than Israel? Global climate change. You know what didn't get mentioned last night? Global climate change. You know what's more important than Israel? The Mexican drug war. You know what didn't get mentioned last night? Mexico. You know what's more important than Israel? The shit that's been going on in the Eurozone. You know what didn't get mentioned last night? The Eurozone. In fact, the word "Europe" was said just once, in a list of alliances the President asserted are stronger. For the kids, "Europe" is a continent that doesn't contain Israel, but does contain almost all of our strongest allies in the world and probably deserved a shout-out.

(Note: This part could have also started with "Oh, fuck al-Qaeda.")

3. Romney said, in reference to the death of Osama bin Laden and the Obama administration's continued campaign of murder bombs taking out alleged terrorists and anyone who happens to be nearby, "[W]e can't kill our way out of this mess." Then, an hour or so later, he said murder bombs are awesome: "[I] feel the president was right to up the usage of that technology, and believe that we should continue to use it, to continue to go after the people that represent a threat to this nation and to our friends." Then he said again that we can't just be killing. So we should kill, but do more than just kill because certainly the people who want to talk to you and take your aid are the same people who are watching their houses get blown up or showered with shrapnel and gore from your murder bombs. In other words, he agrees with Obama.

3a. He also said, "[I]t's widely reported that drones are being used in drone strikes," which is about as intelligent and cogent as Romney got the entire debate.

3b. Romney never mentioned veterans at all despite his bombastic defense build-up rhetoric.

4. On substance, then, it was a fairly useless debate, as have all the debates. On style, though? If Obama had been as clueless, pandering, and flop-sweaty as Romney, pundits around the country would have said that they're getting ready to cover a Mitt administration. However, since it was the Democrat who won, most will say that Romney didn't do too badly. That's bullshit. Romney lost big time. It was embarrassing at times how little a major party candidate seemed to know or care about the rest of the world. Romney acted like Sarah Palin, a talking point machine who couldn't string together a proposition or thought. He looked like Nixon on meth, sputtering, useless, and, goddamn, so sweaty. He tried to shift to moderate mode again, but this time Obama was ready and he repeatedly called Romney out on it, at times eviscerating Romney. He tried to shift to domestic policy, and Obama went right along with him, kicking his ass every step of the way.

And when Romney wasn't trying to say that Obama was wrong, he was positively feckless. He either agreed completely with Obama or he threw out a word or two that made it sound like he had just looked up, say, Mali on his smart phone. As for any alternative to anything Obama was doing, Romney's sole plan seems to be that he'll be there and not Obama, and somehow, through Mormon magic involving the castrated balls of the eunuchs in the Tabernacle Choir, no doubt, America will seem stronger with a man named Willard in charge.

Call the Rude Pundit wrong, but this seems less like a plan and more like an insane ego trip.

1a. Oh, as for the note? Like the way we should react to Mitt Romney after this final meeting with Obama, the Rude Pundit crumpled it up and tossed it on the guy's lawn, like throwing a fish back into the lake.

Payment Protection Insurance FAQ

Payment Protection Insurance FAQ

If you are looking into payment protection insurance (PPI) on a mortgage, whether it is regarding a claim or if you are applying for cover, then you probably have a lot of questions. With the recent uproar regarding mis-sold PPI, it is a good idea for you to do some research before taking cover as there have been thousands of cases in the past where expensive cover was sold to clients who believed that they had to have the policy. You may also just find out that PPI you have previously had may have been mis-sold to you, meaning that you may have a valid claim.

Here are some frequently asked questions which may be of assistance:

• Who benefits from payment protection insurance?

The borrower. Payment protection insurance is meant to repay the borrower's commitments to a many different types of loans, should they be in a situation where they are unable to.

• How long are you protected under the cover?

In many cases, the loan cover will pay for up to 12 months if the borrower is injured, falls ill or is involuntarily unemployed. It is highly important to discuss this topic with the institution you choose as your supplier of PPI cover, as the duration of cover and the requirements for claims have been problematic with mis-sold policies. Be sure that you are properly covered during a time of crisis and aren't piled with even more pressure.

• Is PPI costly?

The PPI cover should vary in price depending on the institution and the amount of the mortgage taken by the borrower.

• How do you make a PPI claim?

In all cases, you will have to validate your claims. For example, if you are retrenched from your job, you will need to produce the documentation provided to you by the employer. For more peace of mind, you should discuss various scenarios with the institution providing your PPI so that you are prepared for the worst - and covered for it.

If you feel that you have been mis-sold PPI insurance in the past, there are ways for you to be compensated. Discuss these matters with a reputable claims company which will gladly assist you in the matter.

By P gagauz

Take Time to Reflect on Your Insurance Marketing Strategies

As you work on building your insurance marketing strategy, it is important to reflect on what you have done so far. Increasing your visibility online and reaching out to your audience is a daily job. However, you should be using the tools and resources you have available to your advantage. This will help you understand the perspective of your community and what they want from your insurance agency.
Reflection of your strategy can allow you to see the positives and negatives of your methods. In addition, you can change your results and create more satisfaction amongst your agency and customers. This will help you move towards your desired goals. You should always make time for reflection because it will allow your company to learn and grow for the better.

One way to reflect more effectively is by asking yourself questions. Consider applying the following list to your marketing and social strategy so you can find out what you can improve on:
  • What worked? Why?
  • What didn’t work? Why?
  • How can I use this experience?
  • How does this experience relate to other situations and what can I learn?
  • Knowing what I know now, what would I do differently next time?
When you think more broadly, your reflection time will become much more beneficial. You can even have your team participate in a brainstorming session. As a leader, learning and reflection provides you with the powerful opportunity to create a more effective, productive, and successful insurance marketing strategy that you and your community can rely on.

More Information On Professional Indemnity Insurance

Involved in a business service providers that require the ability and awareness, there can be a smart move for you professional liability insurance or PI. Any business may be covered by such insurance. Your organization has escaped all accidents and diseases created by the customer due to a misunderstanding about the service provided to an end. Legal fees can also be added to the insurance professional.

Today, there are countless web of insurance providers available. Of these, some are available, fast and customized features such as positioning of the requirement of their insurance online. Some others offer liability insurance quotes from top insurance companies to include a comparative study with other available insurance, this is the closest to you to choose the right liability insurance, suiting the needs of the customer.

Companies should always have a professional liability insurance to protect their riders. Professionals such as lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers and architects include liability on account of such possibilities at his disposal. In other words, PII is a requirement for any business fascinating, which includes service providers. This insurance is spreading worldwide at an exponential rate. You and your organization may be in the middle of the debts and obligations as defamation, the food is horrible, claims for negligence, violation of the laws, the virus download the judge group, slander, copyright, trademark, etc. If you are not engaged in professional liability.

For new online businesses, professional liability insurance is a necessity, because your body can be held accountable. It's not just the company that will be affected by this in spite of your customers give you the option to hide this information. Directors, officers and leaders of the organization might also be responsible for false statements. You and your organization will be in trouble in the neck if you are taking a more serious tone. Indemnity insurance will not face out of control debt and liabilities. The ultimate goal of professional responsibility is to protect all these mishaps that may adversely affect you and your customers.

When Should You Hire Your Own Insurance Claims Adjuster?

You should consider hiring a claims adjuster if your insurance company isn’t acting quickly to replace your losses or you aren’t pleased with the terms of the settlement. In a crisis situation, caring for loved ones and establishing a temporary residence increase in priority. Do you feel confident that you will be able to negotiate the best possible settlement in regards to your insurance claim during this very difficult time?

Public adjusters are trained professionals that represent your best interests when you have a large property claim to file with an insurance company. An experienced insurance adjuster can offer the assistance and guidance necessary to bring your claim to an equitable and speedy resolution. They have specific industry knowledge and will be able to interpret your contract and better determine your rights and the insurance company's responsibilities.

Here are some cases when it could be practical to hire a public adjuster:

-When a portion of the property has been destroyed by water, fire or wind damage, and a public adjuster is needed to take inventory of which possessions survived, those that are damaged beyond repair.

-In cases when it’s too time consuming to follow up on your claim and you don’t have accurate records of your possessions or they were destroyed. Public adjusters will be able to provide the correct information for your file.

-If loved ones were injured or perish as a result of a natural disaster or accident, you might lack the piece of mind to negotiate with your insurance company

-If you are the owner of a commercial property, a certified public adjuster would allow you to focus on the operations of your business and negotiate a more favorable settlement.

Although you have to take a decision as quick as possible, you shouldn’t hire just any public adjuster. After you’ve contacted the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and/or the Texas Association of Public Adjusters, you should consider interviewing possible candidates. Ask questions about their former clients and circumstances surrounding those claims. Determine if he/she performed over and above expectations. Contact their references to get their feedback. Follow up with the industry association to validate their credentials.
What Obama Should Say 2012, Part 3 (Rude Version):
If, at tonight's debate on foreign policy between Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney, moderator Bob Schieffer asks about the United States' relationship with Israel and the President doesn't say, "Here's the difference between you and me, Governor. If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was standing in front of me with his pants and underwear around his ankles and he told me to suck him off, I'd do it. I'd go to town on that circumcised dick. I'd work the shaft, I'd massage his balls with my tongue, I'd make him jizz so hard that they'd hear him yell all the way from Gaza to the Dead Sea. Now, if he was standing in front of you, you'd do the exact same thing, except that you'd stick your finger in his asshole and massage his prostate until he blew his load in your face. And then you'd use his semen to glaze your hair. Now, really, that's it. Either way, Bibi's gettin' blown. I just prefer to do it without having to clean shit from under my fingernail when it's over.

"What the fuck do Republicans want? At least have the 'nads to come out and say that you're hot to bomb Iran. Come on, Governor. 'Cause, see, that's all that's on the table if you don't think I'm being tough enough. That's it. Oh, and maybe actually talking to them, but, shit, it's an election, and diplomacy is weakness, I get it. Shee-it, I listened to that nattering old woman, Lindsey Graham, say yesterday that 'the time for talking is over.' Motherfucker can rake me over the coals as much as he wants, call for investigations, talk tough for a soccer grandma. But he still won't say it. None of you will. Because you're shit-scared of saying so 'cause the country is just seein' the end of the two wars you started last time and you don't want another one on your ticket. Because you know that if you do really bomb Iran, Israel will be snuffed out faster than a birthday candle in a hurricane.

"Governor, every time you speak about world affairs you either lie or say the exact same policy I have, except with more fake tough guy words. You said last debate that I went around 'apologizing' to our enemies. Prove it. You said I didn't sign any new trade agreements. Prove it. You say I'm being a little bitch to China. Prove it.

"I'll tell you what I can prove. What's your foreign policy experience, Governor? That the French weren't nice to you when you tried to get them to join your cult? That you had fuck fantasies about Austrian female lugers while you ran the Olympics? That you ran or owned companies that sent jobs overseas so that you could turn a profit. Christ, you couldn't even go to England without stumbling over your dick and farting in the Queen's face? Hamid Karzai will eat your brain out of your fuckin' skull.

"And, truly, I cannot say this enough: I had Osama bin Laden killed. Your guy couldn't get it done in seven and a half years. I did it in less than three. And I did it by going into Pakistan and getting it done. Action talks, motherfucker. And bullshit? Take it out of the fuckin' building. Oh, by the way, America, you know who said in 2007 that we shouldn't go into another country to get bin Laden? Mitt 'Sittin' Right at This Table' Romney. He was wrong. I was right. Proof. Right there. Clear as a bullet in the eye. You said wouldn't have gone in. I did.

"Now I know you're gonna say that what happened in Libya was an enormous fuck-up. Well, it was. And the story kept changing as we got more information, so the story my administration was telling the public was changing. Now we know what happened, and, hey, look here, we were right all along. It was a protest and it was a terrorist act. But lemme ask you something, Mitt. If we hadn't said a word, if we had said, 'We will report to the American people when we have all the facts,' what would you have done? Oh, wait. We know what you would have done because you did it. You would have gone out in public with your dick exposed and tried to blame the violence on me.

"You pampered little priss. You would be eaten alive by the shit that goes on out there. No, I wasn't the most experienced dude when I took office, but I had been out in the world, the whole world, not just the world of privilege, not the world of servants who would wipe my ass with their tongues if it would get them a second look from me. No, the world that people, the vast majority of people, exist in. It's a world that you never even knew existed, bitch, and I'm still not sure you do" then the debate will be useless.

AARP Life Insurance Facts For Aging Adults

Senior life insurance is becoming a common strategy to help cope with the payments after a death. This can be a bit different than conventional life plans allowing it to help take care of the more immediate costs of funerals. It is important to consider all of the foreseeable bills that may occur and offer on their behalf so that the family is not left holding the debt and bills in the long run.It's going to take under a year before the finances of the dead become the duty of their living family members. Ensuring that these expenses are taken care of will put your family at ease. Should a husband or wife remains behind it's also important to make provision for his or her day to day living expenses as well.

Getting life insurance is really a large issue. It could be hard to contemplate a person's individual death, however it really is needed if they're to ensure that their death doesn't cause money problems on their spouse and children. Senior life insurance policies tend to be really cost-effective, shell out swiftly, and are easy to obtain. They don't require medical examinations and they are obtainable to the majority of seniors despite the fact that they are advanced in age group or in bad health. They're able to assist seniors to contemplate a lot of of your costs which may come with their own passing.

Life Insurance Facts For Aging Adults

Some life insurance agencies currently have designed senior life, guaranteed life insurance, or remaining expense life insurance packages to satisfy such demands. These are typically, generally full life insurance plans. Which means that the insurance plan will continue to be in effect given that the policy remains in force. A policy is often held in force through paying monthly premiums, as well as by having the insurance policy "paid up". Indeed, several whole life insurance policies might be paid spanning aduration of yrs, normally 10 to 20 years. In such cases, an protected person can sit back, understanding they'll have insurance coverage for his or her entire lives, and not just for the length of several years.

These kinds of senior life insurance policy or final expense insurance plans are available in two sorts that don't need to have a health check. For the face worth which ordinarily runs from $2,500 to $30,000, numerous senior life providers will offer simple issue and guaranteed issue insurance policies. Because face worth is lower, and so the threat to insurance agencies is lower, you can find more laid back requirements to achieve cost-effective coverage for life insurance. Seniors can leave moneys towards a inheritor, usually your husband or wife or kids, to cover funeral expenditures, pay for remaining bills, leaving some cash for an estate.

California Homeowners Insurance - 7 Tips for Ensuring Proper Residential Coverage

Owning and maintaining a home is one of the largest financial responsibilities you will ever have. If it has been awhile since you have looked at your homeowners insurance policy, it is time to examine your coverage to be sure you are prepared in the event of disaster. Consider the following tips to be sure youre not in a mess the next time you file a homeowners insurance claim.

1) Request written guidelines from your adjuster regarding how claims will be adjusted.

2) File away copies of all correspondence between you and your insurer.

3) Be sure you call the California Department of Insurance if you consider hiring a public adjuster. You want to ensure s/he is properly licensed.

4) Keep all receipts of your living expenses and any other documents that pertain to your insurance or property. Keep those documents in one location, chronologically ordered, so they are easily accessed.

5) Log all phone calls between you and your adjuster.

6) Never speculate about what has been damaged or lost. Always stick to business and share only factual information.

7) Understand the Unfair Practices Act and Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations published by the California Department of Insurance. You can retrieve copies from the web site ( or by phoning 1.800.937.HELP.

Now that weve covered tips things to keep in mind when you file a homeowners insurance claim, lets do a quick overview of the homeowners insurance coverage available to you. Remember that these policies can fall into several categories.

Replacement cost coverage  Pays the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home or replacing your possessions without a deduction for depreciation.

Guaranteed/extended replacement cost coverage  This is the highest level of protection. Guaranteed replacement pays the cost to rebuild your home as it was before the disaster  even if that cost exceeds the policy limit. This policy will protect you against increases in homebuilding costs or other unexpected situations. In most cases this coverage will not compensate for home upgrades to comply with building codes. If your home is older, this policy may not be available to you. Extended policies pay a percentage over the policy limit to rebuild your home. Usually an extended policy will pay 20 to 25 percent more than the limit of the policy. Be sure to see what coverages your state offers. Not all states offer the same coverages.

Actual cash value  This coverage pays to replace your home/possessions minus a deduction for depreciation.

Other homeowners coverage:

Structures other than the dwelling  Includes structures on the residential premises that are not attached to the dwelling - sidewalks, driveways, permanently installed yard fixtures and private or decorative fences. The average limits on coverage are 10 percent of the value of the dwelling.

Loss of use Reimburses for expenses beyond replacing property if a home cannot be lived in because of fire. This coverage usually pays for the living expenses incurred maintaining a normal lifestyle.

Mobile homes  Offered by a few companies. This coverage is considered residential if the mobile home is established as a permanent residence.

Building code upgrade  reimburses for building code upgrades that may be required during the repair/rebuilding process.

To learn more about what should be in your homeowners insurance policy, be sure to consult the California State Department of Insurance or your local insurance agent. Never take a gamble with your homeowners insurance - be sure its up-to-date and make sure you are covered for potential disasters.

Do I Need Professional Indemnity Insurance

A professional indemnity insurance policy is a financial product to compensate the insured (your business) in the undesirable event of damages accrued from a claim being made against the business due to contravention of duty within the policy period for neglect, error, or omissions. Still not sure? In its most basic form, this insurance policy covers your business for a loss that may arise from negligence caused by your business while carrying out such business. Professional indemnity insurance policies have a tendency to vary greatly in the amount of cover the policy provides.

There are a number of instances in which a business may have need to call upon their professional indemnity insurance policy. The first possibility is that a business provides a service to the purchaser, and due to a negligent act, a negligent omission, or other type of negligent error, carries out the work in a slipshod manner, which may lead to further issues arising down the road.

The same scenario could also apply to advice given by a business. Professional indemnity insurance also protects against allegations of the supply of false, or otherwise generally misleading information. The third most common situation that may require the use of a professional indemnity insurance would be the unknowing or otherwise accidental encroachment of the intellectual copyright of another, be it an individual, a business, or other organisation. Intellectual material is also considered property, and the same copyright laws protect it.

A professional indemnity insurance policy may have a variety of aspects of coverage, but there are also particular elements that for a number of reasons have been excluded from the policy. Often, the professional indemnity insurance policy will include protection against claims made against your business from a civil liability case, claims that have arisen from the loss of documents, or if documents have been damaged. Legal costs such as those that may arise in the defence case include, but are not limited to, the hiring and retaining of lawyers, the court costs, hiring of professional witnesses or experts of the industry, and so forth, may or may not be included dependant on your selected policy.

Other elements not covered will usually include elements pertaining to war and terrorism (including nuclear activity), pollution unless considered as a breach of duty of the business, potential claims known about when the policy was first purchased, and claims that should be covered under an additional policy, such as buildings, contents, or employers liability.

Any physical products (except possibly software and programming products used for the business that have been amended in some way) are not covered by professional indemnity insurance. The insurance policy will also not cover any fines and penalties, or claims from by an insurance company unless a judgment has been received declaring otherwise. Certain warranties set by your business may also affect the coverage provided by your professional indemnity insurance, such as a guarantee of outcome, whether express or implied.

So who may need to have a professional indemnity insurance policy? The most common industries where businesses shop for a professional indemnity insurance quote are those whereby a service is provided as opposed to a physical product. This includes businesses in the fields of accounting or other financial services, graphic design firms, marketing and internet marketing businesses, and surveyors, and management or consultancy businesses.

Other, more product based rather than service based, businesses, may be better with a shop insurance quote. It is always possible to get a shop insurance and professional indemnity insurance quote and compare the two to see which will provide your business with the most appropriate coverage. Bear in mind that it is very easy to shop for professional indemnity insurance online. It is recommended to get a few quotes for comparison, and ensure you select a policy that is comprehensive enough for your requirements. For example, some policies are more inclusive and will cover the bracket of 'any civil liability'.

Why Do I Need Hotel Insurance

 Hotel insurance and guest house insurance usually offer the same type of coverage, although not always to the same full extent. The key points are the same as required under most business insurance policies, although the wording and limitations will usually vary according to the type of business and the industry in which your business operates. All businesses require an insurance policy that will cover buildings and contents, liability, both public liability and employers liability, and a 'business interruption' element to the policy.

The most common purchasers of a hotel insurance policy include businesses such as hotels, motels, and hostels, and bed and breakfast or guest house operations.

As mentioned above, the three key features of a hotel insurance policy are:

Buildings and contents insurance to protect your business in the event of fire, flooding, theft, break-in and resulting damages.

Public and employers liability in case of injury to employees or third parties whilst on your property.

Business interruption, a general term covering incidents that cause loss of income, such as electricity failure or gas leak, fire or flood damage, or injury, illness, or death of owners. This last element will help ensure that even in worst case scenarios, your business can still operate effectively, whereas otherwise there may be cause to shut down.

There are, however, a few key differences with the coverage allowances with hotel insurance as opposed to many general business insurance policies with these same features. For example, a hotel insurance policy may include coverage for damages such as a broken window, fixtures and fittings, landscaped garden property, and hotel frontages including signs and external blinds. As these are all elements that may hold a significant impact on business operation with regard to reputation, it is important that the upkeep of such items be maintained, and damages repaired promptly.

Other specific benefits that may be associated with a hotel insurance policy include coverage for loss of metered water; theft of keys, to include having the locks changed to prevent unauthorised access; loss of money both in and out of business hours and from sources such as vending or gaming machines as applicable; and loss or damage to outside equipment, such as outdoor lighting or heating appliances and picnic tables or other outdoor seating arrangement.

There may also be the opportunity to increase coverage of loss of stock during the primary season, an increase in coverage of both public liability and employers liability in particular for situations of outdoor catering. This additional coverage will also include protection against damage to your equipment, and to property of both guests and employees.

You should also ensure that your hotel insurance policy will cover loss or damage to the personal effects of your guests. It is also possible to select a hotel of guest house insurance policy that includes the receipt of equivalent rental or tenancy payments in the event of damages severe enough to prevent possible tenancy.

When choosing the most suitable hotel or guest house insurance policy for your particular business, examine the offerings of coverage with regard to business interruption protection within your policy duration. This will ensure that should a number of different possibilities crop up, your business can remain in operation. These include vermin and other pest issues, loss of accounts receivable (i.e. when guests don't pay up), denial of access, all the way to notifiable illness or death, to include murder or suicide. While there may be one or two items on this list that you may not want to consider, it can be reassuring to know that the event is covered.

Comprehensive hotel insurance or guest house insurance is critical to the survival of a hospitality business, and is reassuring for the mental and emotional concerns of anyone running a business providing guest accommodation. If your business includes the provision of meals and beverages, particularly to customers who are not also purchasing nights of accommodation, you may need additional cafe insurance; check the terms of your selected insurance policy thoroughly to ensure it provides adequate coverage to meet all the requirements of your business.
by: Kathryn Dawson

How Avoid Life Insurance Mistakes

 Insurance is a very tricky business and it can be quite confusing at times. That is why so many individuals have trouble understanding as well as comprehending all the terminology that is oftentimes associated with Insurance, but there are some techniques that might help you along the way.

The economy is in dire need of repair and as a result many individuals have suffered greatly during the past few years. While struggling to make ends meet, many families have had to cut back on some of the things they felt were not really needed in their households at the moment. Unfortunately, Life Insurance was on that list for some individuals. However, others could not bare the thought of living without Life Insurance.

Lately, there does not seem to be any relief in sight. The cost of living continues to rise, but more and more individuals are becoming unemployed due to lack of work because more and more businesses are shutting their doors. One thing that does not change is the need for life insurance. Having to pay Insurance premiums might not be on the minds of some individuals at this moment, but for others it is.

Many individuals make huge mistakes when it comes to purchasing Life Insurance, but there are ways in which you can avoid these costly mistakes yourself. The most important thing you can every do for the future of your family is to have an Insurance policy covering you in the event of your death so that your family will be taken care of when you are gone.

Will your family be able to pay the bills you have now if something was to happen to you? What would happen to your spouse if you were to pass away tomorrow? Have you ever thought about these things? An Insurance policy gives you the peace of mind to know that your family will not be left with the financial burden that so many families are often left with when something happens to the head of the household.

It is nice to be certain of something these days and having Life Insurance is one thing you can be certain of. When purchasing your policy be sure that the type of policy you select has the appropriate length that you need. For example, if you decide to purchase a term life insurance policy, then you will not want to purchase a ten year policy, which you will have to renew and have the premiums increase on you.

This is a common mistake that individuals will make simply because the premiums are cheaper. You do not always want to go by the price of the premiums when purchasing Insurance. Instead, you want to check out what the life insurance policy includes and covers. Individuals need to always read the fine print of an insurance policy prior to purchasing a Life Insurance policy.

by: Todd Erwin

Does My Business Require Shop, Restaurant or Indemnity Insurance

The type of insurance policy you need will vary depending on the type of business you own and operate. You may choose to hire an insurance agent to help you sift through the colossal mound of details and technical wording to help select the most suitable kind of insurance to provide your business with adequate coverage. Be aware that depending on the method of compensation for such insurance agents, they may not be able to offer policies that are as competitively priced as if you go directly through the insurance carrier. However, employing the services of a dedicated insurance agent may save you a significant amount of time and a better understanding of the products available to you.

Both restaurant insurance and commercial shop insurance usually incorporate four main principle elements of cover. Buildings and contents insurance protect your business against such concerns including, but not limited to, loss from fire, flooding, storm damage, and damage from break-in including theft of money, stock, or equipment, or damages such as loss of freezer contents, or loss or damage to goods while in transit. Public liability coverage will protect you against claims made by a third party of personal injury or other damage while on your property, and likewise with employer's liability insurance should an employee be injured while on your property. Lastly, business interruption coverage will often provide security against a number of variables such as loss of income due to fire or flood damage, loss of income due to electrical failure, blackout, or gas leak, denial of access, notifiable illness or death, vermin and pest control and so forth.

A more tricky policy to understand is that of professional indemnity insurance. At first glance, a professional indemnity insurance policy may appear to be a difficult concept to grasp, but once the principles of its purpose are identified, it becomes a lot simpler to understand. There are, however, a significantly large number of variations available within the bracket of professional indemnity insurance. Read the policy carefully to ensure you are aware of the limits of the coverage the policy offers you. Some indemnity insurance policies will also cover claims of libel or slander, but often this will require a different kind of professional indemnity insurance, one that will cover 'any civil liability' as well as a breach of contract.

An insurance policy that is to endeavour to safeguard the owner of a business and the employees of said business in the event of a claim based on business negligence, whether that negligence be an act, an error, or an omission. Indemnity insurance policies may vary by example, such as malpractice suits, or other situations whereby a professional is deemed to have made a misjudgment. Such professional indemnity insurance policies are often purchased in the industries of accounting and other finance fields, often by requirement. A deferred compensation policy of insurance is a common means of company directors to shield money owed via future payments, deferred compensation indemnity insurance is another type of policy whereby business owners can protect money owed to them in the future, and also offers coverage if the company owing files for bankruptcy.

Another example of indemnity insurance would be when somebody is between health insurance plans. A health indemnity insurance policy will protect the insured against some expenses, although not all of them.

If the business you own and operate involves the sale of advice, skills, or knowledge, then you may require indemnity insurance, to protect you against the possibility of a mistake occurring. Be aware that warranties made by your business, whether express or implied, may affect the validity of your indemnity insurance policies, with regard to guaranteeing a particular result.

With so many permutations available to business owners shopping for insurance coverage, it is worth the time to do your homework and assess your business requirements. It is important to know whether the restaurant insurance or commercial shop insurance policy you are planning to buy includes sufficient indemnity insurance for your needs.

Life Insurance Quotes Can Help You Get the Best Life Insurance Policy

Insurance coverage is something that is considered obligatory these days, especially life. Life is unpredictable and we need best life insurance to be with. It gives us the confidence that our family's future is secure and will be well taken care of. There are number of companies that offer coverage for life. We can go with the one that offer quotes that match our requirements and maximum coverage. Every company offers life insurance at different rates and cover different things in a policy. It's on us to decide which company and policy we should go with.

However, insurance quotes are the most important things that one should keep in mind. It's the cost at which a policy is offered to an individual. Therefore, there are few things that must be kept in mind before getting a new coverage quotes. First, your quote will depend your age and wellness. Most of the companies require you to fill a form that includes details about your health information. Your quote might increase if you are a cigarette smoker, or if you suffer through any kind of harmful illness. Also your profession is takes into account while offering a life insurance quote.

Second thing that can make an impact on your life insurance quote is the amount of coverage that you will need. The larger your coverage is, larger your life quotation is going to be. The coverage is going to be determined based on your earnings and the quantity of your own operating many years.

Third, carefully select your coverage as the policy that you will opt for will impact your life. For instance, if you decide to go term policy then it's the number of years that you decide to take the insurance for that will leave an impact on your quote.

All these things will largely affect the in the end result for framing a life insurance quotes. These days you can get quotes online at a number of websites. These websites gets you quotes from number of sources so that you can easily compare the quotes at one platform and decide for life insurance that you wish to go with.

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