The End of the Occupy Camps Is the Start of the Next Phase:
Last night, in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, the police moved in by the hundreds to clear out the Occupy encampments. In L.A., Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa used the tiredest excuse of them all: think about the children. In a city with at least 13,500 homeless kids (and that's just the ones that show up at schools), L.A. probably could have spent the money it used for the 1400 cops and 200 arrests at the City Hall camp on, say, housing some of the kids who don't want to be on the streets.

You can bet that we'll be hearing about more crackdowns as the winter progresses, until almost all the camps are gone. And to that, the Rude Pundit says, "Finally."

Don't get him wrong. He fully supports the occupiers and their colonization of urban spaces, the footholds of American renewal. He even understands why defending the camps has become so important. For some, whether fresh-faced, middle-class college student or unemployed middle-aged homeless person, the camps are a taste of what power and democracy are like. They are a small victory in a concrete swamp of constant indignity and degradation. Smelly, ugly, and full of sloppy dissent, the Rude Pundit thought they were beautiful. It's why he wanted and still wants people to donate stuff to the remaining encampments. If they're gonna stay, then he wants these hippie harbingers of the future fight to be safe and warm.

But the camps need to be seen for what they are and what they've accomplished: they had to come into being in order to show that there are large numbers of people willing to put their bodies on the line for a cause. They needed to remind us that the public square is not virtual and that civic engagement in the real world is necessary and vital for the reclamation of the country. That has been done. But right now the media is focusing too much on the camps as symbols and their eviction as a loss, with some even portraying the evictions as a victory over an ill-prepared, misguided, easily-mocked group of anarchists and leeches. Don't let the fuckers have the victory. Don't let them take back the narrative.

Of course the occupations have to be destroyed by the police. That was the point, wasn't it? Draw out the authorities. Get them to respond to your actions. Transform yourself into beings with your own agency, no longer objects to be acted upon. And how does that not bait the ones with the batons and the pepper spray and the ones who order them to attack?

The Rude Pundit doesn't mourn the end of the encampments in the same way he didn't mourn moving from teenage years to adulthood. Now we've seen that action is possible, that community is possible, that mass public support is possible. It's time to move to targeted direct action, and, no, that doesn't mean supporting candidates for election. That's bullshit co-opting and dilution of the movement. Leave that to Occupy Wall Street's sympathizers. It means direct confrontation, like the new effort to stop foreclosures from occurring. (The Rude Pundit will be out there next Tuesday.)

And it means that Adbusters had it right when it declared, in the heated environment after New York was shut down, "We will turn this winter into a training ground for precision disruptions – flashmobs, stink bombs, edgy theatrics – against the megacorps and the unrepentant 1%, a festival of resistance in the snow with, or without, an encampment that'll lay the tactical foundation for our Spring Offensive."

While we need to take care of the outdoor occupiers, we cannot cling to slivers of land when we have a nation to take back.
Late Post Today:
Shredder's got a mutant army ready to attack. Time to put on the shell and take that bastard down. Back later with more aberrant rudeness.

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A Brief List of Obvious Things That Should Be Obvious:
1. Today's New York Times contains an editorial titled "Reporting Abuse" that says, in essence, "Hey, if you catch a grown-up fucking a child, you gotta tell the police." For some reason, when it comes to college coaches (or, you know, priests), this simple, obvious action has to be explained. So, to be clear, if you know someone's fucking a kid, don't tell your coach. Don't tell your administrator. Tell the cops. If you need this explained to you more than once, you should be arrested, too.

2. If you invite Ann Coulter onto your nice TV show, she will act cunty. On Morning Starbucks today, Coulter, who had been invited on by smug host Joe Scarborough over an exchange on Twitter, was bleeped out for calling John McCain a "douchebag" (he's more of a colostomy bag, so the edit's understandable). And then she called Ted Kennedy a "human pestilence," which led Team Joe to spend a great deal of time, post-cunt, praising and fluffing the reputation of Kennedy. Remember: A good 90% of Coulter's material comes from dissing Ted Kennedy.

3. Really? The right-wing psycho who killed 77 people in a Norway shooting spree is actually a psycho? Huh. Go figure.

4. Herman Cain really likes to bang (or try to bang) white women. The obvious thing here: wait, you mean a skeevy lobbyist and poisonous food hawker turned out to be a skeevy human being? How could we even think about not electing him president? Oh, and he's thinking of getting out of the campaign now. Just two days too late. Extra bonus humor points: Cain's lawyer saying that "No individual...should be questioned about his or her private sexual life." What country has he been living in?

5. If you're a cop and you're in hot pursuit of an old man on a bicycle who, at best, might be a little drunk, don't tase him. Just, you know, don't.

The sad part is how long this post could go on. Really? The Federal Reserve made secret deals with banks that allowed them to make billions of dollars with taxpayer bailout money? Really? We're gonna keep learning what an execrable scumfucker Rupert Murdoch and his employees are?

It'd be nice, every now and then, to just be pleasantly surprised that someone you wouldn't expect behaved with honor.
We Came, We Conversed, We Blanketed:
Small gestures of kindness are not worthless. Around the nation, rude readers used Black Friday (or other Thanksgiving weekend days) to avoid the pepper-spraying rioters at Wal-Mart and instead brought blankets and sweaters and hoodies and food to their local occupations in an effort called "Blanket the Earth." Here's a few of the activities and sites:

From the tireless Denise Wirtz, who organized people for Occupy Atlanta.

From Becki in Austin with Bonnie and Karen, fellow BtE activists. Don't laugh. It gets cold at night.

From Sylvia Martin, who was one of several people who dropped off items in Boston.

The Rude Pundit, Nielsen Hayden, and others dropped off clothes and more in Zuccotti Park, NYC, where we were thanked by the human mike. The items were being handed out before we even left the metal barricaded area, more a hippie zoo than a protest site now. The action is elsewhere. The city is the occupation site now.

Other people showed up throughout the weekend in DC, Sacramento, Des Moines, and elsewhere, literally coast to coast, and in Vancouver, BC. It was an international effort to give aid and comfort to the occupiers.

Thanks to everyone who brought stuff and everyone who engaged with the occupiers, even as we enter what might become a post-encampment strategy.
Newt Gingrich Is Nothing You Want Him To Be:
First off, someone oughta point out that the Manchester Union-Leader, New Hampshire's largest daily newspaper (which means it has ten readers), is a shitty conservative rag that makes the Washington Times look erudite. Today's top news includes a warning that says, no, really, "Commuters should take it slow today since New Hampshire State Police will be out in force targeting aggressive and distracted drivers during heavy commuting hours" and crimes that involve a purse-snatcher and a crack whore, not to mention the safe return of an elderly woman who wandered away from her nursing home. This is not to belittle the snow-burdened people of the...what the fuck are you? The beaver state? The Show Me state? Live Free or Suck a Dick?...whatever...but, surely, a real newspaper would report on more than randomly lost old people and how super-great right-wingers are.

Granite state, right? Yeah, that's it. Anyways...

Also today, in a way-too-symbolic article, the paper talks about an "invasion" of feral swine in the state, which dovetails nicely with its endorsement of Newt Gingrich for president.

In its editorial supporting the former Speaker of the House, the Union-Leader says, "The pigs are between 100 and 300 pounds with rough hair, tusks and rapier-sharp teeth...They are difficult to hunt, wily, and 'ornery animals you don’t want to fool with,'" and "'We are concerned about their presence' primarily for ecological reasons."

Actually, that makes more sense in discussing Gingrich than what the editors actually wrote: "A lot of candidates say they're going to improve Washington. Newt Gingrich has actually done that." That's like saying that Godzilla was responsible for a great deal of urban renewal in Tokyo. Gingrich is one of the primary reasons that Washington sucks so hard and that Congress has become a worthless clusterfuck that actually works against the good of the nation. He teed it all up.

In October 1995, Gingrich told an audience at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University that if Democrats and the President don't agree to his budget plan, "fine, they won't have any money to run the parts of the Government they like, and we'll see what happens." He wanted Medicare to "wither on the vine." He blamed liberals for everything from Columbine to Susan Smith's drowning of her children. The fucking government shut down because of him. But, hey, sure, yeah, he improved the place.

Have fun, supposedly rational, realistic conservatives who are thrilled at the Gingrich surge. Not only is he an amoral, corrupt, faux-intellectual who windbags his way around the nation, but he also believes in science and technology. He wanted more government spending on medical technology for information-sharing. He actually think science education based on, you know, science is a good thing.

When, now, he hedges on whether or not he believes in evolution, it'll be awesome when Michele Bachmann trots out this 2006 quote from a Discover magazine interview: "Evolution certainly seems to express the closest understanding we can now have [about how we came to be]." Or this one: "I believe evolution should be taught as science, and intelligent design should be taught as philosophy." Or, on another hot-button topic, "I would not seek to ban research on stem cells in fertility clinics." Or "Unlike right-wingers who would say, 'Since we don't know 100 percent for sure, we can keep carbon loading,' I'd say there is enough evidence that it's reasonable to try to move toward renewables, to try to move toward conservation, to try to move toward a hydrogen economy."

Sure, he says the opposite now. But have fun convincing the Iowa and South Carolina and, yes, New Hampshire yahoos that Gingrich is on their side.

By the way, the wild boars are not native to New Hampshire. But hunters so want to hunt them that they've been illegally imported from Tennessee and Georgia and elsewhere. The problem is that once the Southern pigs get in, they multiply and destroy everything they can get their tusks on.

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Blanketing the Occupiers Today:
The Rude Pundit will be at Zuccotti Park at 2 p.m. today under the big red metal sculpture (or, you know, Joie de Vivre by Mark di Suvero). If there's a group meeting going on there, he'll be next to it. He'll have a garbage bag of sweaters and gloves and such.

Let the Rude Pundit know if you did head out today to donate cold weather gear to your local Occupy site. Some readers have already done so. And take a picture or two to send in to this blog. Some of 'em will be posted here or on Facebook.

Austin at 2 p.m. looks like it's gonna be a party of blanketeers, as will Atlanta from 3-6 p.m. Get all your info to see if there's a gathering in your town. And if you're on your own, enjoy the fall day at the occupation.

On Monday, your regularly-scheduled rudeness will return.

But for today, let's do a small, good thing for the protesters we've celebrated for the last two and a half months. Thanks to all who have worked hard so far. And to all who turn out.
Finalizing Plans for Friday's Blanket the Earth Donations (Update):
(Bumping this up to the top of the page. Let the Rude Pundit know if you're participating.)

The Rude Pundit has been getting the word out in every venue he can over your internets. This Friday, a Black one, we've been told, he wants people to head down to their local Occupy (name of your city) site, should there still be one, and donate cold weather gear (blankets, sweaters, gloves, you know, the usual things) or anything to help those encamped and those holding outdoor protests make it through the quickly coming winter. The idea has been for it to not simply be donations, but for people to go to the Occupy groups to show support.

He appreciates all those who have chimed in that they're going to do so. Some are more organized than others, as is the way with we on the left.

Here's a few definite meet-up times and places:
Atlanta: Meet at Woodruff Park (aka "Troy Davis Park") from 3-6 p.m. to gather any donated items. At 6 p.m., head over to Occupy Atlanta to make the donation. (Thanks to the awesome Denise at Pros/e/yes for her organizing.)

Austin: Meet at City Hall at 2 p.m. (Thanks to Beckinham.)

Boston: Meet a green-jacketed woman with plastic bins, in front of South Station at 9 a.m. (Thanks, Sylvia. And if anyone wants to organize a later time, let us know.)

Washington, DC: Meet at 2 p.m. at the southeast corner of Freedom Square, by 13th and Pennsylvania before heading to Occupy DC. (Thanks to also awesome Violetta.)

New York City: Meet the Rude Pundit at the red metal sculpture at the southeast corner of Zuccotti Park at 2 p.m. and, since the donation tent is no more, we'll head down to 52 Broadway, where there's a stockpile of donated goods. (Drop a line if you're gonna meet up in NYC.)

Others from Los Angeles, Chicago, Chapel Hill, Pocatello, and elsewhere have said they are heading to donate. There are even some groups doing so. If any of them are reading, come up with a time and place and send it to so the Rude Pundit can post it here and at the BtE Facebook page and Twitter. Remember: "organizing" can be as simple as saying, "Hey, why don't we meet here?" Do not fear it.

Let's be honest: there's a chance you may be flying solo on this in your town. That's okay. And there's a chance that the numbers will dwindle to zero at the encampments by the dead of winter (or be raided and broken up). That's okay, too. Places like Chicago, Detroit, and NYC have ongoing actions without camps. What the Rude Pundit wants to accomplish is, yes, the aid and comfort provided by some nice wool socks. But it's also a physical demonstration that the occupations are just one part of a movement that spreads far beyond the parks and lawns where protesters are camped.

Actions are loud, man. Way louder than anything we tap, tap, tap out on our laptops.

(Note: take pics of your BtE action and they'll be tossed up on the blog this weekend. Also, later today, he'll have a complete list of contacts at Facebook.)
A Dark Poem from the Conquered for Thanksgiving in Desperate Times:
A piece of the poem "[Long Time Gone]" by Leslie Marmon Silko, who is a member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe. In order to win a contest in ancient times in America about who has the greatest powers, a witch doesn't cast spells or conjure. She tells the future to witches from all the native tribes:

go ahead
laugh if you want to
but as I tell the story
it will begin to happen.

Set in motion now
set in motion by our witchery
to work for us.

Caves across the ocean
in caves of dark hills
white skin people
like the belly of a fish
covered with hair.

Then they grow away from the earth
then they grow away from the sun
then they grow away from the plants and animals.
They see no life
When they look
they see only objects.
The world is a dead thing for them
the trees and rivers are not alive
the mountains and stones are not alive.
The deer and the bear are objects
They see no life.
They fear
They fear the world.
They destroy what they fear.
They fear themselves.

The wind will blow them across the ocean
thousands of them in giant boats
swarming like larva
out of a crushed ant hill.

They will carry objects
which can shoot death
faster than the eye can see.

They will kill the things they fear
all the animals
the people will starve.

They will poison the water
they will spin the water away
and there will be drought
the people will starve.

They will fear what they find
They will fear the people
They will kill what they fear.

Entire villages will be wiped out
They will slaughter whole tribes.
Corpses for us
Blood for us
Killing killing killing killing

And those they do not kill
will die anyway
at the destruction they see
at the loss
at the loss of the children
the loss will destroy the rest.

Stolen rivers and mountains
the stolen land will eat their hearts
and jerk their mouths from the Mother.
The people will starve.

They will bring terrible diseases
the people have never known.
Entire tribes will die out
covered with festering sores...
vomiting blood.
Corpses for our work

Set in motion now
set in motion by our witchery
set in motion
to work for us

They will take this world from ocean to ocean
they will turn on each other
they will destroy each other
Up here
in these hills
they will find the rocks,
rocks with veins of green and yellow and black.
They will lay the final pattern with these rocks
they will lay it across the world
and explode everything.

Set in motion now
set in motion
To destroy
To kill
Objects to work for us
objects to act for us
Performing the witchery
for suffering
for torment
for the stillborn
the deformed
the sterile
the dead.

set into motion now
set into motion.

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The Super-Duper Committee Fails to Fuck Up the Economy Even Worse:
So what the fuck was that, that congressional Supercommittee bullshit? Was it just, as Jonathan Chait says, a beard for President Obama and John Boehner so that they could maintain the appearance of being action stars to their bases while still secretly buggering Keynesians behind the Capitol? (No, that doesn't make actual sense, but it's funny, so go with it.)

It was never gonna succeed in doing anything for one simple reason and one simple reason alone: Republicans just don't give a fuck. If you believe, as Republicans do, that it's better to cut Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and education and the environment and food safety than to raise taxes a little on the rich, then you don't give a fuck. If you believe that a compromise that gives you nearly every cut you want but still raises taxes just a smidgen is a capitulation to liberal/socialist/satanic goals, then you not only don't give a fuck, you are a sociopath.

So now, as it was designed, the sequestering occurs, with cuts in social programs, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, and, heavens to Betsy, defense budget cuts, all because Republicans can't, can't, can't, no-way, no-how raise a fuckin' penny on revenue. The best we can say is, "Well, at least the Democrats didn't make a deal that fucks things up even worse."

(And let's not toast defense budget cuts too much, unless you've got an idea for all the jobs that'll be lost there. The Rude Pundit can't make the leap to say that the family of the guy who cleans the toilets at Raytheon should go hungry just because his work prevents weapons makers from getting e.Coli.)

That's some fuckin' pledge that Grover Norquist made with nearly every Republican; it must have been signed in blood and accompanied by a photo of each signing Congress person with Norquist's cock in their mouth, just to be safe. By the way, you wanna talk about people who don't give a fuck? The Rude Pundit's faced Norquist, talked to him even, looked into his dark eyes, and that bastard is all cold evil, through and through, totally and utterly unflappable. If a Congressman crosses him, you can bet that Norquist is gonna appear at the foot of his bed with a razor and a smile.

So the supercommittee failed. We knew that was gonna happen the second the debt ceiling deal was made. And now we can say, pretty damn assuredly, that the defense cuts won't happen. Because they won't. Because someone's gotta have some courage at some point for it to happen, and (non-Bernie Sanders) courage is in short supply as we descend into the ever-looming election season, which is now every season.
Nonviolent Protests in America Now and Then: Same as It Ever Was:

(Picture 1 from UC Davis newspaper of events on last Friday. Picture 2 from Birmingham, Alabama in 1963.)

Liberty National Life Insurance Associates

Liberty National Life Insurance Associates

The company, Liberty Insurance, National (LNL) is located in McKinney, Texas, has provided life and health insurance for more than 100 years of LNL for individual coverage through the sale of the home and workplace LNL license. 49 states with thousands of representatives of commercial and administrative offices in the United States, LNL has more than $ 43 billion of insurance in force and more than 4.1 million policies (to 12/10), Liberty National is a supplier proven. Section 125, the insurance plan for working through the section 125, the company is able to offer its employees benefits plans at no cost to the employer company is a subsidiary of Torchmark Corporation (NYSE: TMK ), followed by in McKinney, Texas.Liberty National Life Insurance Company traces its origins to August 27, 1900, when his predecessor was founded as the heralds of freedom, a fraternal organization. The goal is to expand the concept of social practice, and to relieve the discomfort of the people of Lahore for the members and the interests of their subordinates and relief of suffering for the widow and orphans, etc., and other dependents . It 'was founded on the principle of respect for Christians who follow the cardinal virtues of loyalty to the government and give examples of the practice of brotherhood. Subsequently, in June 1921 changed its name to Liberty Insurance Company by the Deputy Director of Security Robert Davison Commission and Frank Samford in 1929, LNL was founded as a limited company and its name was changed to the Liberty. National Insurance. During the decade of 1930, LNL 30 million dollars of life insurance in force in 1944, the acquisition of Brown - Service, the market success of the insured services that customers and retailers throughout the North. Alabama is probably the most important event in the history of the company has expanded to serve the state of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.In 1950, LNL for $ 500 million of insurance in force in 1960, the company has grown and acquired products of other companies' products to its portfolio to include more different. The most famous of the political leadership for cancer and is very popular. In addition, a financial service for customers to expand rapidly in 1970, the company of $ 5 billion of insurance in force in 1980 after the acquisition continues the Company, Liberty Insurance, National Holding. Torchmark Corporation is the parent company of national liberation and in the important voices of the New York Stock Exchange since 1990, LNL has reached $ 35 billion of insurance in force.Today to life and health insurance for individuals. Medicare and supplements. There is also a constant presence in the arena of LNL.More than 30 consecutive years, Liberty National was rated voltage + (Superior) by AM Best securities companies (to 6 / 11) LNL has also been ranked AA - "very strong" for financial strength by Standard & Poor's ( to 5 / 11) A1 for financially strong insurers by Moody (as of 3 / 11), and A + "Strong" for insurer financial strength by Fitch (as of the day. 1 / 11) every year since 1995 , Liberty National has been named to Ward's 50 list of a healthy lifestyle. The Ward is a consultant and analyst specializing in the insurance industry] Ward 50 analysis is based on financial performance for a period of five years, more than 800 insurance companies that were included in the year. Award of the 2009 top 50 insurance companies must have at least five consecutive years of historical performance and transmission reliability and performance measurement of the screen. Ward, looking for companies that have exceeded the industry of the key factors, including: financial stability, growth, income, location, cost / surplus by the return distribution and financial, Ward 50 companies. have the ability to grow their business profitably in a changing market situation years ago. Top performers understand that a powerful performance advantage of the wholesale price for the customer. They provide the customer at the center of every business decision
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