Today Is the 10th Blogiversary of The Rude Pundit:

Today Is the 10th Blogiversary of The Rude Pundit: Giving Himself the Gift of Naval-Gazing Self-Indulgence:
Ten years ago this very day, almost to the minute, the Rude Pundit started this here blog thing. It was a heady time, 2003, before YouTube, before iPhones, before Huffington Post, before An Inconvenient Truth, before the Tea Party, before most of us knew who Barack Obama was. It wasn't a more innocent time, oh, no, and, indeed, we wondered if things could get any more insane than watching the nation happily march into war while we Cassandras who waved our arms and said it was based on lies were just ignored. We had just an inkling that the country might actually enter a murder-suicide pact, not realizing that the tipping point would be electing a black man president, that the racists and fascists would align to put that gun to America's head and say, "Kneel or die."

Honestly, the Rude Pundit had hoped he would end this thing before now. He thought that, perhaps, maybe, some sanity would prevail when the Bush administration was gone, that we would realize what we had done to the nation and want to work together to heal, like some goddamned happy ending in a shitty movie that you watch on a hungover Sunday, too tired to change the channel, caught up in the sentiment despite your better judgment. The Rude Pundit would have happily receded into the miasma of the internet swamp if he thought he was leaving a better place behind.

But there are bastards to be defeated. And if the Rude Pundit contributes, even in a small way, to giving people the vocabulary and metaphors to call out the motherfuckers for fucking our mothers, then the great work continues. As will the sodomy jokes.

So he's thrown himself this fundraiser, a bit of a paycheck for a new computer and some whiskey, the good stuff, shit that doesn't fit into the regular household expenses. He thanks everyone who has contributed and everyone who thought they'd like to contribute but couldn't fit it into their budgets in this savage time in which we find ourselves. After today, unmolested scout's honor, no hustling for cash from you for a while.

If you want to throw some money away on a semi-worthy cause, click the button down there or on the side:

He thanks everyone who bought The Rude Pundit's Almanack (still available, still relevant), who bought the CD (still available for digital download, a bit dated), and came to the shows. He thanks Stephanie Miller and her crew for the weekly radio orgy sessions. He thanks regular and irregular readers. And, if you're someone who glances at the blog and thinks, "Fuck that guy," well, he thanks you, too. Your intolerance and ignorance has given him plenty to write about over the years.

The Rude Pundit doesn't know if he's got another ten years in him. But he's here now, fighting the good fight with bad words.

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