Photos That Show That Idiot Gun Nuts Don't Just Live in the South

The Rude Pundit has often shit on his beloved homeland, the South. He regularly attacks Louisiana and Tennessee because they are places where he lived, has family and friends, still visits, but would never in a million fucking years live again (well, okay, for the right price, perhaps). That's because the stupid is strong there, in the politics and the people. So he has said awful, hideous things about them, as well as other flyover states, like Indiana and Kansas, places where backwards ass country fucks crawl out of their ditches to yowl as if they comprehend human language.

Well, now he can add New York to the list where redneck yahoos embarrass everyone.

Those upstanding Uhmerkans in the don't-give-a-fuck beards aren't Duck Dynasty fanboys from backwoods Alabama. Oh, no. They're from the Empire State, and they're part of a crowd of over 2000 who gathered at the state capitol in Albany to protest Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York legislature and to get them to repeal what they perceive as restrictive regulations on assault weapons and bullet magazines. These Yankee shitkickers would rather "Die" than have to knuckle under to Big Brother Cuomo expanding background checks and making illegal gun possession a felony, let alone the proposal to limit gun purchases to one a month. How can one "Live Free" that way? (By the way, on assault weapons, there's a loophole big enough to drive a tank through.)

But the rally, which attracted no less a publicity cum whore than Donald Trump, included everything you could want from a collection of deranged gun fellaters.

You had your gun control is just like Hitler/Stalin/Pol Pot sign:

You had your Confederate flag (which is weird on so many levels):

You even had an effigy of Andrew Cuomo that was sort of non-committally dangling, not really hanging - no rope was visible - but kind of semi-aborted on what looks like modified coat hangers:

It was a lovely day for a nice walk by people who probably needed the exercise. And, since current polls show two-thirds of New Yorkers like the Safe Act's gun laws, that was all they got. Well, that and a chance to see Donald Trump's helicopter.

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