Photos That Make Some Kind of Awful Sense (Palin Version):

That's a worker at the Meijer supermarket in Fort Wayne, Indiana, stacking books on a table near the shampoo aisle. Meijer is kind of WalMart, Jr., for those unfamiliar. The book is Sarah Palin's Going Rogue. You may have heard something about it this week. The worker was prepping for a book signing by Palin herself yesterday. Don't be an elitist: you should be able to meet Sarah Palin and pick up some Alpo and condoms in one store. "'Her values are my values,' said Palin fan Debbie Coning. 'I just really want to thank her for all she's done and what she can do for our country.'" Yes, dear Debbie, for all that she's done. Coning was there at 5 p.m. on Wednesday for the noon Thursday signing.

Those people are seated in the household goods aisle, patiently waiting for Palin. Meijer allowed people to start lining up at 11 p.m. Wednesday so they could sleep in the store. "Meijer officials say the line runs from the Christmas tree section to the outdoor items. Overflow crowds are in the patio area."

And if there's any grace note to end this idiotic week in America, where the desires to put criminals on trial and to give people health care were treated like efforts to nuke babies at Disney World, it's this: They were expecting at least 2000 people for Palin in Fort Wayne. Only 1300 showed up.

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